60% OFF Dog Car Curtains
60% OFF Dog Car Curtains
60% OFF Dog Car Curtains
60% OFF Dog Car Curtains
60% OFF Dog Car Curtains

60% OFF Dog Car Curtains

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    • Double-sided printing
    • To ensure the safety of dogs and prevent dogs from jumping off
    • Special material, bite - resistant, sunshade, sun protection
    • The hole has a sturdy belt to ensure that dogs cannot go out
    • Prevent air flow from opening windows
    • Easy to carry and install
    • Flexible, good contraction, it applies to most models

      Small Sleeve

      2.5 inches from bottom of sleeve
      4 inch circle hole

      Suitable for Pug, Poodle, Papillon, etc.

      Medium Sleeve

      4 inches from bottom of sleeve
      7.5 inch hole

      Suitable for Labrador,Siberian husky, Border Collie, Shiba, French Bulldog, English Bulldog,Samoyed, etc.

      Large Sleeve
      4 inches from bottom of sleeve
      9 inch hole

      Suitable for German Shepherd dog, Golden Retriever, rottweiler, Cane Corso, etc.


      The car window sleeve slides right over your car door, and you can custom fit the size and placement of the hole to fit your dog size and breed.


      Velcro straps secure it to the car door, and the drawstring ensures a tight fit, because of the dual cut-out design, you can still roll your rear window up and down with no issues.

            Have you ever worried about how much you should roll your window down for your dog while enjoying a nice car ride? Too much puts your dog’s safety at great risk, too little and your dog may become reckless in the back seat. Finally, your problem is solved.

            Not only does the curtains make it much more safe for your dog to hang out the window, since it only gives them a small area to poke their heads out, but it also has funny graphics on the outside of the shade that makes it look like your dogs wearing a hat, has a lions mane, and more.

            It comes in several adorable styles to match both your and your dog’s personality, the hole is designed to secure your dog while letting them enjoy the great outdoors.


            After the production of several prototypes, we have created a product specifically designed to fit snugly over the rear car window, with a hole properly place and appropriately sized to fit each breed, size, and personality of dog. This hole allows them to see out the window while keeping them from falling out. The holes are placed at varying levels on the sleeve itself (low, medium, and high) to correspond with the small, medium, and large sized holes creating a perfect fit for your best friend. Velcro straps further secure the sleeve to the car door and a drawstring ensures the tightest fit possible. 

            This is a revolutionary product designed to make your dog’s car ride more safe while adding a little style. This unique window sleeve easily slides over the rear car-doors. With our dual cut out design, the rear windows can still be rolled up or down.

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